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MCA - Power Clamping Nut

The salient design feature of the series MCA is an integral transmission gear for the multiplication of the manual tightening torque. With this, the user has a sturdy and flexible clamping element, which enables highest clamping forces with simple manual operating and maximum operating safety. The Series MCA is designed with bottomed thread and centered hexagon. The power clamping nut can be used for various clamping tasks throughout the machine tool industry, particularly for the clamping in presses and punches.





Technical data and dimensions [mm]: length dimensions according to DIN ISO 2768 mHTechnical Data and Dimensions

* Property class of threaded bolt up to M 24 minimum Q 10.9; from M 30 Q 8.8
(further thread sizes i. e. inches on request) max. allowed temperature range: -30°C up to +200°C


For optical control of actual screw-in depth of the T-bolt two grooves have been provided on the housing circumference matching tmin and tmax. When laying out the actual screw-in depth of the threaded bolt, the necessary stroke must be considered i. e. the max. specified screw-in depth must be reduced at least by amount the stroke.

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