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HKZ - Hydraulic T-Bolt Clamp



MEE specs

Technical Data

Operating Procedures:

To Clamp

  1. Visually inspect clamp and T-bolt-for obvious defects. Clean off any debris or chips that may be in the T-slot or on the die shoe surface.
  2. Place clamp and T-bolt into T-slot.
  3. Unscrew clamp sufficiently so that it easily passes over the die shoe.
  4. Push clamp and T-bolt assembly forward (toward die) as far as possible to ensure proper sealing . Make certain that the die shoe surface is free of debris and lubricants.
  5. Pre-clamp by hand screwing the unit down as far as possible while still allowing free access to the hydraulic port located at the front of the clamp. Make certain that the clamp is down to within 1/16" or less of the die shoe surface before activating the hydraulic pump and clamping the HKZ unit. Hydraulic T-Bolt Clamp
  6. lf using the "M"-Type Mechanical Lock-Collett one needs to turn down the collett on every clamped HKZ unit after the hydraulic circuit has been activated. Once the "M" collett has been hand-turned so that it's snug on top of the hydraulic portion of the HKZ cylinder, the hydraulic pump must be turned off and all line pressure going to the clamps must be at zero psi in order for the units to be hydraulically independent and mechanically fail safe.

Ordering Information

When ordering or requesting a quote, please take a few minutes to complete the following data sheet.


Necessary Data
Range of die shoe thickness: ________ min. ________ max.
Press tonnage: ________
Weight of dies: ________ top ________ bottom
Clearance between ram and bolster (shut height): ___________
T-Slot Dimensions
If standard: ________
If non-standard:
  Width of throat (A) _______
  Depth of throat (B) _______
  Width of head (C) _______
  Depth of head (D) _______

Standard Dimensinos