Feeder Systems

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GPA manufactures multi-axis, freely programmable linear-robots for the loading and unloading of single presses or the linking of press lines. Capacity ranges include:

In addition, we can supply feeder tooling as well as shuttle transport systems to carry parts from feeder to feeder or from press to press.


GPA Automation Feeder Systems can be designed to perform a multitude of tasks in and around presses. These include the loading and unloading of presses, destacking of blanks, stacking of formed parts, and press-to press parts transfer in a press line. In addition to these uses, feeders can be designed to perform various other tasks. By integrating auxiliary equipment such as transport stations, shuttles, conveyors, tooling, etc., we are able to fulfill almost every conceivable parts handling requirement.


GPA Feeder Systems consist of servo-driven horizontal and vertical axes. The use of rigid aluminum extrusions with hardened steel guides and solid aluminum castings assures optimum parts positioning even in long travel and high speed applications. Our design incorporates lightweight moving components with rugged guides and drives necessary for harsh environments. Guides, bearings, etc. are tied to an automated lubrication system. Important maintenance functions are brought to the attention of service personnel via the operator panel.

A quick disconnect coupling links the feeder and part specific tooling. A freely programmable processor coordinates all servo-driven axes internal routines, tooling memory, and all critical input and output signals. The feeder is operated via a compact control panel specifically designed to be user friendly. This insures that operators quickly and precisely master the systems function and are immediately in control.


Design example


Almost anything is possible!

Please contact us for further ideas. We will find a solution for you!

Mounting and Integration

GPA Feeder Systems are usually bolted directly to the press uprights, regardless if they are fixed or traveling. The necessary control panels are included and usually mounted next to the press or on a mezzanine. Some instances require that the feeder be bolted to the floor or to a gantry mounted between presses.

The electrical control systems are delivered as a turn-key package. The electrical installation and connection of the control panel, feeder and operator panel is simplified through the use of power cards and multi-pin connectors. On-site requirements include power connections, press output and input signals, the signals required for auxiliary equipment (e.g. conveyors) and telephone lines for off-site modem service. The customer can choose either to build his own tooling or to order it from GPA.

All systems are tested in our factory prior to delivery. This assures fast and reliable installations in the field.


TYPE AF 20 AF 30 AF 40
Horizontal Travel mm 1000/1250/1600/2000 1000/1250/1600/2000 2500/3000/4000 1000/1250/1600/2000 2500/3000/4000
Vertical Travel mm 200-1500 200-1500 200-1500
Horizontal travel speed max. without overdrive m/sec 4.0 3.6 2.5
With overdrive m/sec 9.5 7.2 6.0
Vertical travel speed max. m/sec 2.5 2.0 1.6
Horizontal acceleration max. without overdirve m/sec2 10 7 5
With overdrive m/sec2 20 14 10
Vertical acceleration max. m/sec2 5 3.8 2.5
Part mass max. kg 50 80 125
Part dimension max.
in/cross the transport direction given blank thickness 0.8
mm 850/1200 1200/2000 2000/3500
Given blank thickness 1.2 mm 600/1000 1000/1800 1800/3000
Tooling length max. given blank thickness 0.8 mm  1000 1600 2300
Given blank thickness 1.2 mm 800 1400 2000
Positioning accuracy mm +-0.3 +-0.3 +-0.3