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Hydraulic Sinking Traveling Clamp


Area of application

The hydraulic positioning unit model HFT is designed for bolster clamping applications that require a traveling clamp. Its purpose is to position hydraulic clamps (either the HKZ T-Bolt style or the HEE C-Frame style) automatically at the die location. The unique feature of the HFT is the ability to "sink" below the bolster surface so that the die can be removed without interference.

Mode of operation

The positioning unit raises the clamp above the bolster surface and aligns the clamp with the t-slot. By means of an electrical drive the unit next moves the clamp in the t-slot to the die location. Upon sensing the die, the clamp is activated and secures the die. To unclamp, the clamp is released, retracted via the electrical drive and finally lowered below the bolster surface.

Movement sequence for applying the clamping force:

Distinguishing features

When a die is changed, the position unit returns the clamp unit from the work area automatically, thus ensuring a free working area. Access to the work area is additionally simplified by the lowering of the drive and the clamp unit.


  • Infinitely variable adjustment to differing die sizes
  • Large clamping tolerance
  • Free bolster surface for die change.


The clamp has a gunmetal-finish housing.

Dimensional diagrams

Technical Data

Motor: DC motor
Supply voltage: 24 volt DC or 120 volt AC
Switches: 4 inductive proximity switches
p-n-p normally open contact
10-30 V DC
Travel distance: up to 1000 mm
Smallest T-slot: 18 mm (according to DIN 650)
Sliding speed: 125 mm/s
Operating pressure: 400 bar (clamp unit)
100 bar (lifting cyl inder)
Wiring: Harting plug connection HAN 25 D*

*Alternative plug connections available on request.

In addition, a pressure switch is required in the hydraulic unit for controlling the clamping pressure.

Electric control of the following function (switches):

HFT: Clamp unit in parked position (S1)
  Clamp unit positioned at the die (S2)
  Lifting cylinder lowered (S3)
  Lifting cylinder extended (S4)